Capital of Mae La

Teaser for an upcoming documentary by Belle Promchanya that I’m writing the music for. The film is about one of the longest-running refugee camps in the world along the border of Thailand and Myanmar.
More info can be found here


Music made for the upcoming multiplayer-game “Hirt”. The music is adaptive and reacts to player health and a mysterious parameter called “sheep”. The video is me demoing some of the music in FMOD. Watch as I turn the knobs on top of the screen. Intensity, pause and sheep. At the end is a short demo of the intro screen.

Hirt Screenshot

Schnecke Trailer #2

“Das Geräusch einer Schnecke beim Essen”. 4 / 5 April Theater am Gleis Winterthur. 8 / 9 November ThiK Baden.
Video Design: David Haneke
Director: Irene Schaltegger
Actors: Cornelia Hanselmann, Ruth Huber.
Music: Christoph Scherbaum

CineKid audience award

The VR game “Flotsam Fluke” won the audience award at the CineKid Festival Amsterdam. The game is a project by Stefan Schäfer with Derk Over (game design), Julian Hana (programming), Christoph Scherbaum (music and sound).
CineKid is the world‘s largest mediafestival for children from 3 to 14 years with about 65.000 visitors for the festival alone. 

Schnecke, Music, Email

Just had a beautiful, sold out premiere with “Das Geräusch einer Schnecke beim Essen” that I produced the music for. The piece is based on the award winning book “The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating” by Elisabeth Tova Bailey. The author even wrote us an email:

“What a terrific adaptation you have created.” Elisabeth Tova Bailey