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  • Expeditionen

    Upcoming film concert with video artist Heta Multanen. Premiere 8th June Alte Reithalle Aarau. Click the post to view the trailer.

  • Schnecke, Music, Email

    Just had a beautiful premiere with “Das Geräusch einer Schnecke beim Essen”. The piece is based on the award winning book “The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating” by Elisabeth Tova Bailey.…

  • Kings of Interest

    I just finished music, sound design and text recording for the theatre performance “Kings of Interest”.

  • Cumbia Compilation

    New track by Streamer feat. my alter ego CJ Croquet out now on this beautiful double LP vinyl compilation on Hawaii Bonsai Records.

  • How to be/loved @ Royal Danish Theatre Copenhagen

    In 2013 I wrote the music for “How to be/loved” by Antoinette Helbing and the piece is still touring!19th Jan at the Royal Danish Theatre Copenhagen.

  • Transit

    Currently working on music for this theater piece.

  • Über Boxer

    Live video projections and photo: Heta Multanen

  • Digital Death Drive

    My tracks “Sheets and Stones” and “Metz” are used in an exhibition by Stefan Schäfer and Dr. Emily West (Digital Death Drive) at Stedelijk Museum Breda, NL. The exhibition “Wonderlijk weefsel” also…

  • Über Boxer

    “Über Boxer” will premiere in a few days, excited!

  • Träume @ Rotondes Luxembourg

    I’m currently in Luxemburg doing a few performances with “Träume von elektrischen Schafen” in Theater Rotondes. Big thanks to Pro Helvetia for their help in making it possible.

  • Boxen

    I’m currently working on music for a theatre piece about boxing (with real boxers!). The piece will premiere in the “Alte Reithalle” in Aarau, CH. Cool rehearsal space, right? Hope I don’t…

  • STAMM residency

    I just did a residency at STAMM studio in Delemont CH. I rebuilt my electronic instrument from scratch there (to be continued…). The week finished with a group performance.

  • 14222158_10154227565474023_7572397249485824802_n.jpg

    Träume von elektrischen Schafen

    Some pictures from the performance “Träume von elektrischen Schafen” that I made the music for.

  • Leap motion / Ableton / Max for Live / Geco

    Playing music “in the air” using the Leap motion controller, Ableton Live, Max for Live, and Geco.
    This is the quick & easy research version, not a finished project. Click the post to view the video.

  • Ist Dada Da?

    I’m doing a weird (and fun!) dadaistic performance / lecture together with SRF Kultur journalist Theresa Beyer. Including some Arduino / Max4Live craziness.