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  • suitcase jukebox Mediamatic Amsterdam

    Dirty test version of a sound-object I’m building with Pam Toonen for an exhibition at Mediamatic Amsterdam. The finished object won’t be in a suitcase of course 🙂
    Click the post to view the video.

  • Physical Absence Virtual Presence – Amsterdam Cape Town

    Twittercore released the EP “Physical Absence – Virtual Presence”. Recorded live in Amsterdam, NL and Cape Town, ZA during World Design Capital 2014. Twittercore is supported by the Amsterdam Funds for the…

  • Drinnen Regnet Es Nicht Switzerland tour

    I’m currently performing in Switzerland with “Drinnen Regnet Es Nicht”. I wrote the music and also play live. Tour dates are here:

  • Holland’s Got Talent

    Fusion Crew is using one of my tracks for their appearance at the live shows of Holland’s Got Talent.

  • Le DIABLE conduit le Bal Fontys Dance Academy Tilburg

    Tonight is the premiere of ‘Le DIABLE conduit le Bal’ that I wrote music for. Made by 4 choreographers of the Fontys Dance Academy in Tilburg and performed by their 3rd and…

  • Twittercore @ World Design Capital Cape Town ZA

    Twittercore performed in Cape Town (ZA) during World Design Capital 2014. The performance was part of the exhibition “Design in the Afterhours”. We also did recordings for our upcoming collaborative EP project…