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  • Prima Festival

    Performing at Prima Festival.

  • Festivals

    This week some of my music can be heard with the animation “Braises” at Festivals in Montreal and Ljubljana.

  • Hirt @ Herofest Bern

    The multiplayer game HIRT that I produced the music for is presented during Herofest Bern.  

  • Wo Diis Huus wohnt

    Premiere 2 November, Theater Tuchlaube Aarau

  • CinemAfrica

    Dagu will be featured at CinemAfrica Stockholm, the largest festival in Scandinavia for films from the African continent and diaspora.

  • “Maske” Aargauer Kunsthaus

    Music for the teaser “Maske in der Kunst der Gegenwart” @ Aargauer Kunsthaus. Video by Heta Multanen. Click the post to view the video.

  • Braises wins New Swiss Talent Award @ Fantoche

    Braises won the New Swiss Talent Award at Fantoche festival this week. You can stream the film from the SRF website.

  • Herbst im Paradies @ Aargauer Kunsthaus

    Teaser for an exhibition at Aargauer Kunsthaus, Aarau. Video by Heta Multanen. Click the post to view the video.

  • Fantasy Basel

    “Hirt” is exhibited during Fantasy Basel, presented by the Swiss Game Developers Association. Fantasy Basel is the largest convention for film, games and comics in Switzerland. Hirt is an upcoming multiplayer game…

  • Der Falschmünzer

    “Der Falschmünzer” is an urban game taking place in many different locations in Aarau. I produced music for most of the locations as well as the final event during the game.

  • Tanzfest

    I’m going to do some live improv during Tanzfest Aarau with “Wonderland” by Makiko Ito from Amsterdam. In addition some of my music is featured in “Gravity”.See the full program here.“Das Tanzfest”…

  • Inside the Refugium

    Working on music for the upcoming documentary by Belle Promchanya. The film is about one of the longest-running refugee camps in the world along the border of Thailand and Myanmar. Inside the…

  • Dagu@African Film Festival Luxor

    Just finished writing music for this movie. “Dagu” is about the role of social media in dictatorships. The film will premiere at the African Film Festival in Luxor, Egypt as part of…

  • Flotsam Fluke nominated for Dutch Creativity Award

    Stefan Schäfer’s VR game Flotsam Fluke that I wrote the music for is nominated for the Dutch Creativity Award 2018.

  • Schnecke Trailer #2

    “Das Geräusch einer Schnecke beim Essen”. 4 / 5 April Theater am Gleis Winterthur. 8 / 9 November ThiK Baden.Video Design: David HanekeDirector: Irene SchalteggerActors: Cornelia Hanselmann, Ruth Huber.