Robert Henke is one of the inventors and programmers of the music software Ableton Live. In february 2010 I did an interview with him as part of my master thesis. He was so kind to let me publish the interview on my website.
You can read the interview here (in german).

Guitar FAQ is a text in which I compiled some tips about questions / problems I have encountered over the years of teaching and playing guitar. The goal of “Guitar FAQ” is to get you thinking about your playing, and to provide you with some helpful tips about learning this wonderful instrument.
Download Guitar FAQ

Right Hand Workout I is a series of technical exercises that will help you to get your alternate picking going. Since I’m not a big fan of purely technical exercises, you will only find helpful licks in there that work great in a musical context.
Download Right Hand Workout I
Download TABs for Right Hand Workout I

Guitar Transcriptions
Spiral – The Crusaders (solo Larry Carlton)
Spiral lead sheet