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Transit (Home)

The theater performance Transit (Home) is very special in a way that it takes place in different (outside) locations and the audience is taken from one location to the next with city busses.

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Kings of Interest

«Wir Äthiopier sind stolz darauf, nie kolonialisiert gewesen zu sein. Wir wuchsen auf mit glorreichen Geschichten von Königen, heiligen Kriegen und heldenhafter Aufopferung für das Mutterland. Das Problem ist: Auch wenn heute die Kolonialfeinde nicht mehr da sind, befindet sich Äthiopien in einem endlosen Kreislauf von immer neuen Kriegen.»

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Beating Bach

I produced the music for this dance performance by De Kiss Moves from Amsterdam. The piece also appeared in the live shows of “So You Think You Can Dance” in the Netherlands.

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A dance solo by Simon Tanguy that I wrote the music for. The piece won the ITs Festival 2011 choreography award in Amsterdam and was performed at Theatre de la Ville in Paris.

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Dance performance by Simon Tanguy that I wrote the music for. “The piece traces a long journey, a travel from passivity to full activity,
from softness to agressivity, from playfullness to crazyness.”

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Fusion Crew

Fusion Crew

A track made for Fusion Crew for their live appearance at Holland’s Got Talent. The live show had 1.6 mio viewers on national television.

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Dance performance by dance company De KISS Moves that I produced the music for. They asked me to fuse parts of Tschaikowsky’s Nutcracker with contemporary beats and sounds.

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