Transit (home) is a theater performance made for Theaterverein Lenzburg. The performance is very special in a way that it takes place in different (outside) locations and the audience is taken from one location to the next with city busses (off course not on their regular service). There are scenes in the busses as well and: there is music everywhere.
The music had to be prepared for many different playback systems, from small speakers to full PA, close to a busy train station or a rumbling bus engine as well as in a quiet but huge gravel plant.

I had a lot of fun writing the music (Aargauer Zeitung newspaper even called it „epic”). There are many different influences in there, from cinematic orchestral scores to weird circus music, Blade Runner style 80s science fiction tracks to road-movie blues.
And I finally got to use the harmonica I got for my 10th birthday! Listen to the track „Tunnel”, see if you can hear it (and what I did to it in the computer…).

Behind the scenes / nerd alert
The music has been written, performed and recorded all by myself in my atelier. All guitars and basses are played on “real” instruments (also with guitar stuff like a slide and an Ebow). Everything else is performed using software instruments (read: a keyboard connected to a computer), a hardware synth and a few drum samples.

I used (as far as I can remember):
Ableton Live Suite
’81 Fender American Vintage Stratocaster
No name bass guitar (looks like IKEA and weights a ton but does the job well)
Scuffham Amps
U-HE Diva und Zebra 2
Elektron Analog Four
East West software instruments (orchestra and cinematic drums)
Slate Digital and Waves for mixing

AZ Transit Web
Transit Mars web
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